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With the help of the search function a plant can be found by entering its scientific name or one of its synonyms, or a common or trivial name in German, English, Spanish, French or Italian. The search function automatically leads to the respective data sheet. There, the synonyms, the photos, as well as general information on the plant (e. g. use or country of origin) are to be found. Currently, the latter information is only available in German.

Do not be surprised if, as a result, the search shows various data sheets. It is possible that a common or trivial name is used for various plants which – from a scientific point of view – are different. In this case, select the data sheet you were looking for.

In the Index, the plants of this website are listed in alphabetical order, according to the most widely used scientific name. When clicking on this name, the respective data sheet will open, on which the photos and the above-mentioned information are also to be found.





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