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Dra. Gisela Benecke
Concept, scientific research, Photography 

Héctor  González
 Design, programming, Photography

We put our love towards plants and photography into a crucible and mixed it with our knowledge and our penchant to collect things. The result of this process is this website which we present you here.

The photos were mainly taken in Europe and South America. We made an index card with short information on each plant and sorted them by its preferred scientific name in alphabetical order. We added their scientific synonyms and common names in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian, in order to facilitate international communication on and the search for the plants. Thus, at the same time, a multilingual dictionary of plant names has been created.

The search function can be used to search for a plant without previously knowing its scientific name. Of course, this goal can also be reached by entering the scientific name or by selecting it directly in the index. Should the scientific name not appear in the index you can start another attempt to find it via the search function. Should the plant appear under a different name in the database you will also find it. 

Although mushrooms and lichens (biotic communities between a mushroom and cyanobacteria or algae for mutual benefit) are no plants, we present some under the title “plants and names”, but only a few. Mushrooms and lichens belong, according to the current state of knowledge, into an own kingdom, into the kingdom of fungi. In order not to complicate the search, they have been integrated in the system used here.

 We intend to constantly improve and enhance this website. For this purpose we work with the greatest possible diligence, using various sources. Nevertheless, though, even we can never fully exclude mistakes. Should you find any, please contact us. We will gladly accept your hints. In this context, we inform you that we shall assume no liability for any mistakes that may occur.

Please also contact us if you need a photo which you might want to publish or exploit commercially in any form (see Contact). We can provide you with the photos in a higher resolution or offer you other photos which are not published here. It shall be understood that use rights have to be paid in such case. Doing so, you also support us in continuing our work.

 Thank you very much!



The information given on this website with regard to medicinal and poisonous plants is for general orientation purposes only. It must not be used without prior consultation of a medical specialist. The plants may contain active ingredients that are harmful when used, cause intoxications and may even cause death, in the worst case.

It is advisable to be extra carefully in dealing with medicinal and poisonous plants. Above all, they should be kept away from children.





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